Valentine’s Day Card.

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Valentine’s Day Card.

Valentine’s Day Card With A Pop Up Feature

I love getting cards on Valentine’s Day. I get even more excited about valentine’s cards than birthday cards

Valentine’s Day Cards were popular as far back as the 1400’s, Before that lovers said or sang their Valentines Greetings.  The oldest Valentine’s Day Card is in the British Museum. They started hand painting the Valentine’s Day Cards in the 1800 and now we get full coloured printed versions.

Pritee Penee Valentines Card

This was so exciting as I had the pleasure of making a pop up Valentine card. Valentine’s Day has a really special meaning for my husband and I. My husband had taken me to a fancy restaurant and the meal was just beautiful. So, as we looked into each other’s eyes I announced that he was going to be a dad. Of course he was over the moon and proposed to me.

Creating layers upon layers is a dream for me as a paper cutter, not to mention making pop up cards. I love when cards can do more than one thing. Making pop up cards is not easy as you have to take in the weight and height of what is going to pop up.


So this valentine card is just not a simple card but a pop up feature as well as three tiny cards.

The three tiny cards includes an accordion card in red and white which is then tied by a pink ribbon that is glued to the card.One has a heart lock with a tiny paper key on a pink ribbon to unlock it. And lastly a red card with a big heart on it and you pull it out by the ribbon. The two love doves are featured on the front in seperate trees and when the card is opened, the two doves are flying towards each other to their love tree with red hearted leaves.

Pritee Penee Valentines Card

Valentine's Day Accordion Card



Tiny Valentine's Day Cards

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