How To Make a 3D Macaw Parrot ~ Part 2: The Feathers

Make Macaw Feathers

Now this is the long and tedious part but it’s also very rewarding.

With feathers I like them to be natural ~ not uniform….so I cut feathers by hand. I use a pair of sewing scissors and while watching tv have a basket in front of me and cut. So this is my process:

  1. Cut strips of blue, yellow and red depending on which macaw you are making.
  2. Cut the strips into 1cm in width x 30cm length ( but this is roughly the length of my card) so the length does not matter.
  3. Then I quickly cut rectangles about 2.5 cm. This does not have to be exact. I don’t measure it with a ruler. I use my eye and start cutting. I will then cut smaller ones which are around the 1.5cm length as this for around the head area particularly the around the eye, neck and bottom of the leg area.

So you for the scarlet macaw you need:

  • 400-500 red feathers
  • 400- 600 dark blue feathers
  • 200-300 yellow feathers
  • 60-80 light blue feathers.

If you are doing it for a different coloured macaw you will have to modify the amount of coloured feathers that you make.

I really do every thing by eye and I have a paper cup or container each for the coloured feathers and a bin near by that as you cut out the feather, the excess drops into a bin or onto the floor. Your scissors need to be comfortable as I do sit for hours doing this while I watch television.

After they are cut out, I will put a small end on them like the video and then sometimes I will fold the ends slightly in half. This is so they hug the body….well that is what I think.

The next step is putting the base of the body together for the macaw as this also takes a bit of time and patience. I use a glue gun to attach the feathers for the next step. If you do not have a glue gun and are using just paste glue, I find that the paste glue takes too long holding it in place.

Anyway until next time!

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How To Make A 3D Macaw Parrot ~ Part 1 The Pattern

I have been asked a lot how to make my 3D Macaw Parrot and I have finally have recreated the parts that you need in an outline format.  I searched everywhere on the web and found some patterns but they didn’t replicate the parrot in its entirety. I have modified some paper sculptures to make it my own.

1. Get an image of the parrot that you want to make. Some of you may want to do the scarlet macaw that I have created or you may want to do another, like the blue macaw. The best place to research for images that I use is shutterstock. You don’t need buy a plan and as long as it is just for you then you are not using it commercially.  Type in the word macaw and you have a beautiful arrange of images and photos to do with macaw. I usually take screen shots of the image. Of course you can also use google but I find its not quite as refined.

Macaw Parrot Colours

2. You need to find the right coloured card. As you can see in the photo I have picked a scarlet macaw and researched what colour goes with each of the different coloured feathers including the beaks. These coloured cards are scrap booking card at

  • Night fall ~ Beak
  • Vanilla Cream ~ Beak
  • Blubelle ~ feathers
  • Marine Blue ~ feathers
  • Valentine ~ feathers
  • Dandelion ~ feathers
  • Quicksand ~ for the stand
  • Silver ~ unfortuately I don’t have a label for the silver that I use but it’s heavier than the core colour card from coredinations so its probably closer to business card weight which 250 gsm.

3. Use the template to cut out the parts of the macaw in the appropriate colours. In the next part I will explain how to glue each part together.

3d macaw pattern

If you would like me to give you the parts of the macaw in colour, please leave a comment.

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Red and Gold Chinese Favors.

Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

In Chinese Tradition, red and gold are the luckiest of all colours. So  I have put together ideas for a modern Chinese Themed Wedding that may inspire you. I love what the lady is wearing but most Chinese brides will have a beautiful choongsum (the red dress) and then also have a white wedding dress. I have seen where the choongsum is worn at the time of the tea ceremony for the parents and elderly ancestors.

chinese new year wedding

  1. Dress is photgraphed by
  2. Red and gold Chinese dragon wedding cake by Sophie Bifield.
  3. Gold Hearts on Tree Table Decoration is from Irene and Tom’s wedding on Bridal Musings ( A very cute idea that you could do yourself if you are on budget)
  4. Elegant Gold Plate Setting by
  5. Red Groom Suit by Gucci and is custom made.
  6. Red and Gold Wedding Invitations ~ as for these I can’t find who produced them. Let me know if you do.
  7. Decoration of Red Roses Idea by ~ a Chinese site
  8. Beautifully adorned Chinese Shoes by AllExpress
  9. Red and Gold Chinese Favors by

Fluenta website explain how these days for Chinese people to find love is much more difficult and much more costly. Not to mention that if the women is 30 and doesn’t have a boyfriend she is labelled a left over woman. 10 million chinese get married each year and the cost of the wedding include gifts can skyrocket out of control. One guy paid for 5 minute proposal on a LED billboard, this costed 500,000 RMB ($81,555). That’s $15,160.591 in Aussie dollars. Wow!

Read how in China now there are special dating websites similar to eharmony for parents to match up their daughters with sons.

I would love to go back and have the traditional with the new Chinese Wedding. I hope you enjoyed my Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

Tell me in the comments if you would do a red and gold wedding mixed with traditional dress? Maybe you have worn your grandmother’s wedding dress? Or had something vintage?


horse leisee

Year of the Horse 2014

horse leisee Year of the Horse 2014

Gong Hei Fat Choi!! Happy Chinese New Year!

It’s Year of the Horse 2014 and well this is my year. I was hoping with the Chinese New Year Festival starting on the 1st February here in Cairns that it was going to be a lucky year ~ not so!

I made all these hobby horses out of Chinese Takeaway Boxes with different coloured manes for the children to decorate at my stall. After the first hour, I knew I was in trouble as no one had bought one. They took lots of photos as they wandered around the stalls.  hobby horses 2014

IT was certainly a different vibe this time around. We were selling lanterns to decorate last year and we sold out. The funny thing is every year since we have had the festival, it has rained before hand and then stopped. This year it didn’t. It was hot, steamy and just unbearable.

But hopefully I can learn from this. I am not sure what, as we lowered the price down each hour until they were $10.00 each. Maybe the Chinese New Year Festival is not for selling products but to sell food and have the Chinese community entertain.

Maybe I really didn’t take a holistic approach to my stall. I sure didn’t read the market stall guide to bringing in customers. or think about my layout. Hobby Horses are hard but instead of having them in buckets maybe I could have tied them to hang from the ceiling in a uniformed way to represent the Year of the Horse 2014. These photos at Gazebos on are certainly giving me inspiration.

I will take these into consideration when I do my next stall at NQ Weddings. I will be showcasing my little birds for wedding table decorations and cake toppers.

Tell me if you have an idea of how I can sell my hobby horses…


Making goals come true

Making Goals come true in 2014


2014 is in full swing and I have been trying desperately to get my goals written down and setting a clear path for the year ahead. I started creating this post a couple days after new year hoping to show you where I was headed. I bought a small set of watercolours and created my image above for my letter to Dear Mrs Universe…

The tree with apples is about growth and well it grows from the ground it is sown in. Goals are similar. You have them in within you but if you write them down they become set in stone (well set on paper). You can review them and then organise micro quotas ~ the minimum amount of work you must get done every day to get to the bigger goal and achieve it.



I found out about macro goals and micro quotas on Gregorry Ciotti’s article, ‘5 Scientific ways to build habits that stick’. It’s a very clever article including using implementation triggers which you add a new habit to part of your schedule. I didn’t realise this but I already do this. When I clothes washing, and you put it on the line and then when it is dry I then dump it on my bed. And then just before I go to bed I have to fold and put away the clothes before I go to sleep. So instead of wasting some of my work time folding clothes and taking my sweet time due to procrastination, I actually speed up to fold clothes so I can get to bed quicker cause usually I am pretty tired. Have a go at implementing triggers and adding a new habit to something you already do in your schedule.

What are you talking about? you ask…

2013 DearMr Universe


Last year I wrote on a piece of paper to Mrs Universe asking for all the things I wanted to happen in that year. I then folded the piece of paper away and I found it when I was creating my vision for 2014. Half of my goals had been met and well the other half probably was unclear to meet those goals.

When you make goals you definitely have to be clear!

Have you written your goals down?

Have you made them very concise goals?

Now is the time to get some big picture dreams on paper before January morphs into February. I have made a pdf including small month to month dear Mrs Universe micro sheets that you can write your goals on.

Dear Mrs Universe Files

I dare you!

Write them down file them away and for the yearly one get it out on the 1st January 2015 and see how many you completed. And at the end of each month check to see if you have put a dent in each of your monthly goals.


Tell me in the comments whether you achieve a goal or several….or was my idea totally didn’t work for you.



Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving brings a lot of familiar themes. Like the traditional food, family and of course being thankful. Here in Australia Thanksgiving it isn’t celebrated but that doesn’t mean my mother didn’t try. The chickens being substitutes for the turkey -turkeys at that time were rarely sold. I remember her writing a letter to her mother-in-law to ask what other foods were served at Thanksgiving dinner/ lunch so she could stay close to the traditions.

So I wanted to put together a collection of Thanksgiving wedding ideas that celebrate those beautiful rich fall type colours such as browns, oranges and creams as well. I love this elegant copper coloured wedding dress that celebrates Thanksgiving. And a matching brown suit as shown would have your groom looking sexy.

When you are combining colours for your Thanksgiving wedding ideas ~ think about your ideal dress and whether your dress can conform to a colour combination that depicts the idea of Thanksgiving. It doesn’t always have to be about brown or orange as I have shown here. You might decided to go with apple green and brown or what about cinnamon and cherry red. That is why I like the apples as a table decoration ~ it is so different from pumpkins which are associated with Thanksgiving Weddings but at the end of they day, it still is your wedding.

The main aim is you want to have your wedding that is enjoyable to you and your partner. Throw away those traditions and bring in ones of your own or revamp the old ones with a new twist.


thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

  1. This was designed by the beautiful mind of Preston Bailey 
  2. Heart Cake Topper
  3. Pinecone Place Names
  4. IrisPola on Etsy
  5. Vera Wang Wedding Dress
  6. MFG Floral
  7. Beautiful cake by pink cake box
  8. Jean Yves Brown Parisian
  9. Wedding Lush Centrepieces

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Pritee Penee



Halloween Paper Art Pinterest Boards

Halloween Paper Art Pinterest Boards!

At first when I started to write this post, I thought I would do all the normal things for Halloween ~ costumes, food and drink, decorations. But then I realised that I wanted to show things that I get excited about ~ which is of course is paper.

So here is my top 10 sites that I love on Pinterest that show some form of Halloween paper art whether it be cards, illustrations, invitations or other wacky and crazy things.

This pinterest board shows a variety of Halloween Paper Art projects and including food items like chocolate witches hats and pumpkin decoration.

Halloween paper craft cards

Halloween paper crafts and cards

Kim’s pinterest board has some really nice designs to print and some unusual and fun spooky Halloween designs.

Kim solso

Kim Solso

I love some of the range of Halloween illustrations that Julianne has picked for her pinterest board. From beautiful photos to the cute and spooky. I am sure you will find something here.

Julianne Terrrell Halloween Vintage Art and Graphics


This pinterest board seems to cleverly have a red velvety background on the first few photos. The litte coffin shrines area weird but cute.

Melissa Walker

Melissa Walker


Brent’s Pinterest board contains weird and wonderful illustrations that belong in storybooks. They might already be in storybooks but so much personality in each of these characters.

Brent Fox Brent Fox


3D hand painted objects from headstones to lamps make Raven’s pinterest board just magical. Maybe you might get some inspiration to create the door knocker or light up headstones.

Raven Aurilineous Raven Aurlineus


Mommyrox’s Pinterest Board has arrangement of mixed media that includes some DIY coffins and canvases.


Creepy Halloween Art’s Pinterest Board is hugely illustrated but with really beautiful, well designed creepy illustrations by very talented artists.

Creepy Halloween Art

Halloween Art Projects Pinterest Board has picked some gorgeous painted furniture and kitchen items with funky Halloween designs. These ideas just make me want to grab a piece of my furniture and start painting using these ideas. I love the Halloween Child’s Chair with the blue graduated background and the pumpkins.

Halloween art projects
Halloween Art Projects

Marissa’s Halloween Pinterest Board is elegant Halloween decorations that is different and so beautiful. I love the Dracula designed in black and orange paper.

Marrissa Thompson

Halloween paper Cloth and plastic decorations

If you have any great Halloween Pinterest Boards that you think are really good, then please let me know in the comments below.

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Halloween 3D Paper Models

Halloween 3D Paper Models To Make

As you know I love paper so I couldn’t have a post without checking out what others had to offer on Halloween 3D paper models. Firstly I would always suggest the Canon Website for paper craft of any kind as their collection is huge and inspiring. I often go to this site if I am creating an animal or if I want to see what they are offering for certain celebrations.

Cute halloweenPaper Models

I like to experiment! When I see paper models or origami, I like to change it. So in my photos you see the roses from the Canon site which are yellow and orange and all you have to do is print it out and you are on your way.  What if you don’t like the colours that they have chosen or the box ~ which of course is my thoughts. So you could print out the pattern and then cut the patterns out of newspapers, magazines or books. Even better if you can find newspapers printed in different languages like chinese.

  1. Bat
  2. Halloween Ghosts 
  3. Origami Boxes
  4. Roses 
  5. Spider Webs
  6. Coloured Pac Man Ghosts

 There is so many things you can do. Not only experimenting with coloured card but sometimes I can’t get the exact colour I am looking for. I will go and buy some heavy weight paper from my local art shop and cut out the patterns and then paint them. Maybe you want to paint your roses black and then give them a gold glittery design swirled around the edges or I like to start with one colour and graduate to another colour. I also like to change the size. Still talking about the roses ~ you could create tiny roses to create a wreath to use as place names.

So experiment with your paper patterns that you might buy or get for free!

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Make Halloween Party Invitations

Make Halloween Party Invitations

Well we can’t go on without having a thought to how to make Halloween party invitations. Don’t you find these days, that getting a hand written note or letter in the mail is such a treat.

With a variety of social media tools used as the forms of communication between people now days it’s hard to even think back a few years when waiting to receive an answer from someone overseas or on the other side of town took hours, days and months.

So I have designed a Halloween Invitation and an envelope that you can use to give your party goers a snail mail treat.


When I designed this I thought about all the things that I think of that represents Halloween in some form. The matching envelope is smaller than a normal sized envelope. With both of these pdfs Halloween party invitations are quickly and easily produced with none of your guests knowing that you didn’t entirely create this invite yourself. You could take these to a printer and it wouldn’t cost you a fortune to get these pdfs printed on really good quality paper.


  • Cut along the grey lines and fold along the dotted lines of the envelope.
  • Make sure your folds have very clean lines using a boning tool for folding.
  • Fold the two sides in and then fold the flap from up the bottom and glue to the two folded sides
  • If you are printing these Halloween Invitations yourself, make sure you choose ‘Quality Print’ to get more definition.
  • Find a beautiful calligraphy font on the web to download.



Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas

Apart from Christmas decorations, in our house we don’t usually decorate for other holidays.

Usually because it can be very time consuming and well if we are going to decorate it better be good. Even when we celebrate Chinese New Year, well one of the traditions is not to sweep or use knives or scissors so basically unless you do it days before then you will have bad luck.

But Halloween has a lot of characters and themes that can give so many variations like spooks, spiders and zombies just to name a few. So I thought I share some Halloween decoration ideas for you to think about and maybe get inspired to create. I had difficulty finding inside decorations when I was researching. Yes there is a lot out there but to find inside decorations that really were exciting ~ that really popped was really hard.

Maybe I was distracted! Usually when I am researching on Pinterest or google there is soooooo much information and there is usually really clever and smart ideas or photographs. Tonight the inspiration was tough.

halloweenDecoration ideas

  1. Styrofoam Cup Lanterns!
  2. Spiderweb Tablecloth with bats
  3. Glow lanterns ~ even though these are for the outdoors I think you could still use them inside.
  4. Glitter Haunted house
  5. Witch’s Cauldron
  6. Elegant Black and Gold Spooky Table Decoration
  7. Zombie Table Decorations 

Hopefully you like my collection!

So I always like to check out DIY things you can do. I found some halloween ideas on the DIY enthusiasts site which has some really funky table setting ideas like baby witches’ hats and making .

This photo of baby witch broomsticks from the diy-enthusiasts website is just adorable! And it has step-by-step photos which seem to take you through the process.



And the website FindingHomeOnline has some really cute easy Halloween decoration ideas that are easy and quick to do.

Well do have some fun and if you do find something that is really cute and you’d think I’d like then leave me a link below.