How To Make a 3D Macaw Parrot Feathers

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How To Make a 3D Macaw Parrot Feathers giving a natural look Now this is the long and tedious part but it’s also very rewarding. With feathers I like them to be natural ~ not uniform….so I cut feathers by hand. I use a pair of sewing scissors and while watching tv have a basket […]

How To Make A 3D Macaw Parrot ~ Part 1 The Pattern

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I have been asked a lot how to make my 3D Macaw Parrot and I have finally have recreated the parts that you need in an outline format.  I searched everywhere on the web and found some patterns but they didn’t replicate the parrot in its entirety. I have modified some paper sculptures to make it my […]

Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

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Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas

Chinese New Year Wedding Ideas In Chinese Tradition, red and gold are the luckiest of all colours. So  I have put together ideas for a modern Chinese Themed Wedding that may inspire you. I love what the lady is wearing but most Chinese brides will have a beautiful choongsum (the red dress) and then also […]

Year of the Horse 2014

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Year of the Horse 2014

Year of the Horse 2014 Gong Hei Fat Choi!! Happy Chinese New Year! It’s Year of the Horse 2014 and well this is my year. I was hoping with the Chinese New Year Festival starting on the 1st February here in Cairns that it was going to be a lucky year ~ not so! I […]

Making goals come true

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Making goals come true

Making Goals come true in 2014 2014 is in full swing and I have been trying desperately to get my goals written down and setting a clear path for the year ahead. I started creating this post a couple days after new year hoping to show you where I was headed. I bought a small […]

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

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Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas

Thanksgiving Wedding Ideas Thanksgiving brings a lot of familiar themes. Like the traditional food, family and of course being thankful. Here in Australia Thanksgiving it isn’t celebrated but that doesn’t mean my mother didn’t try. The chickens being substitutes for the turkey -turkeys at that time were rarely sold. I remember her writing a letter to […]

Halloween Paper Art Pinterest Boards

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Halloween Paper Art Pinterest Boards! At first when I started to write this post, I thought I would do all the normal things for Halloween ~ costumes, food and drink, decorations. But then I realised that I wanted to show things that I get excited about ~ which is of course is paper. So here […]

Halloween 3D Paper Models

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Halloween 3D Paper Models To Make As you know I love paper so I couldn’t have a post without checking out what others had to offer on Halloween 3D paper models. Firstly I would always suggest the Canon Website for paper craft of any kind as their collection is huge and inspiring. I often go […]

Make Halloween Party Invitations

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Make Halloween Party Invitations Well we can’t go on without having a thought to how to make Halloween party invitations. Don’t you find these days, that getting a hand written note or letter in the mail is such a treat. With a variety of social media tools used as the forms of communication between people […]

Halloween Decoration Ideas

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Halloween Decoration Ideas

Halloween Decoration Ideas Apart from Christmas decorations, in our house we don’t usually decorate for other holidays. Usually because it can be very time consuming and well if we are going to decorate it better be good. Even when we celebrate Chinese New Year, well one of the traditions is not to sweep or use […]